What Types of Donations are Needed?

Used Clothing:

We need clothing for boys and girls, ages 0-16 years old. (Including sports uniforms) and shoes (all kinds- including soccer cleats). Please ensure everything is in good shape, reasonably cleaned, and smells OK.

  • At this time of year, Winter jackets, hats, scarfs and gloves are in great need!
  • Prom dresses!
  • Toys and other things (for older kids especially) that could be given as birthday presents.

Please note that the following items are NOT recommended:

  • X-large sizes ( there are no children that size in orphanages)
  • Toys needing batteries (they cannot replace them due to cost).


Other item that can be purchased in the US and shipped:

Soccer, volley, and basket balls Table tennis rackets and balls
Stickers and water tattoos Baseball hats for summer
Underwear in all children’s sizes Socks: ankle high, black color preferred
Multi-Vitamins: gummies Black and blue ball pens New: winter jackets, hats, scarfs and gloves
New: winter boots, and other shoes Crayons, washable markers and coloring books
School back packs- all ages Shoelaces
Disposable diapers- any size Used laptops, in good working condition
Personal Items: hair brushes; tooth brushes; hair accessories *NO liquids (like shampoo)